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Company Name Hikoki Power Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Incorporated in Thailand 2nd April 2007
Address 899/17 Moo.21 Soi Jongsiri, Bangphli-Tamru Rd., Bangphli-yai Subdistrict
Bangphli District, Samutprakan 10540 Thailand.

Capital stock 60,000,000THB (Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. 75%)
Lines of Business Import Power Tools and sale it in Thailand
Metalworking power tools, Woodworking power tools, Cordless power tools,
Construction Power tools, Pneumatic tools (Nailers, Screwdrivers and Compressors
for nailers), Woodworking machines, Outdoor Power Equipment, Gardening tools,
Household power tools, Dust collectors, Measure laser tools, Accessories (Diamond
tools and Consumable parts)
Headquarter in JAPAN Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.

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