Corporate Profile

Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., our parent company of a leading manufacturer of power tools and life‐science equipment,
was changed its corporate name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., effective June 1, 2018, and will rebrand its full line of
power tools known as HITACHI and/ or Hitachi Koki under the new HiKOKI (pronounced “hai‐koh‐key”) name,
effective October 1, 2018. The name changes arein line with the company’s ambitious international growth strategy,
aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expandingbusiness in the nearly 100 countries in Hitachi Koki’s global
network. HiKOKI (Hitachi Koki) ’s world‐class advanced technologies have produced reliable and innovative products
throughout its celebrated 70‐year history, which serve as the basis for its new partnership with KKR, one of the world’s
preeminent private equity groups. Through the new partnership, Koki Holdings is streamlining operations and accelerating
investment in organic development and acquisitions to enhance its global businesses as a worldwide leading manufacturer.
As a result, our handled products gradually change from "Hitachi Power Tools" brand to "HiKOKI" brand.This is the only
changein brand name, our traditional technologies, future innovations, and all involved in manufacturing remains unchanged.
It meansthat our product quality and service will be maintained.

We look forward to continuing to be your partner for long-term success.

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