About Personal Information Protection

Definition of Personal Information

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Koki Holdings") handles various personal information including information provided by customers. With this in mind, Koki Holdings has strived to establish and fully enforce an information management system in order to respect the value of the said information. Considering such background, Koki Holdings will attempt to create rules and establish a management system for the personal information protection in Koki Holdings, as well as to set a personal information protection policy as below and spread it among board members and employees. Koki Holdings will strive to protect personal information appropriately based on this policy.

Background of Personal Information Protection Policy of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Koki Holdings") shall define that personal information means information about existing individuals, including the name, birth date and other descriptions about them, or a number, symbol, code, image or sound assigned to them, that identifies the individuals (it shall also include the information that cannot identify individuals by itself, but can, as it easily can be verified with some other information.) In addition, it shall not be limited to personal identifiers, but shall include any information that indicates a fact, recognition and assessment about the attribute of individuals, including a physical characteristic, property, occupation or status.
Koki Holdings protects and manages personal information with the greatest care and the best effort based on the "Koki Holdings Personal Information Protection Policy" below.
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