18V Cordless Heat Gun


Great Ease of Use

Cordless Heat Gun with LCD Temperature Display

Bending Plastic PipeRemoving AdhesiveShrinking Plastic TubingShrink WrappingRemoving Stickers

Set the temperature while taking the article to be heated into consideration. Additionally, pay attention to the surrounding material that will be concurrently heated.

Easy to Adjust Temperature Settings

Temperatures are adjustable in 10-degree increments. The LCD screen with temperature control buttons allows easy adjustment for different applications.

LCD screen and temperature control buttons

2-Stage Air Volume Control

  • The slide switch conveniently located on the grip allows quick selection between two different air volumes.

    Switch Position Air Volume Temperature
    200L/min 30 - 400℃
    300L/min 30 - 550℃

Can Be Used with Both Hands Free

Can be placed vertically

Three Nozzle Attachments (Included as standard)

Three standard accessory nozzles for plane, round and curved surfaces

Front Cover

  • The nozzle can be removed by turning the front cover.

    Front cover part





Continuous Runtime per Charge*


18V Battery Continuous Runtime per Charge*
Air Volume Ⅰ at 400°C Air Volume Ⅱ at 550°C
BSL36A18 5.0Ah Approx.21min Approx.17min
  • The value shown is for reference purposes and may vary according to the battery status and other operating conditions.


Voltage 18V
Temperature 30 - 400℃
30 - 550℃
Air Volume 200L/min
Compatible Batteries Multi Volt 36V / BSL18xx Batteries
Overall Length 217mm (without Battery)
Weight*1 0.6kg (without Battery)
1.6kg (with BSL36B18)*2
Standard Accessories*3 Nozzle (Plane), Nozzle (Curved Surface) , Nozzle (Round)
  1. Weight: according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  2. Sold separately.
  3. Standard accessories vary by country or area.

  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.
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