18V Cordless Impact Driver


Fast Driving Speed Triple Hammer Design


  • Max Tightening Torque : 210Nm*
  • Head Length : 114mm
  • 1.6kg (with BSL36A18 Battery)
  • When tightening an M16 (Grade 10.9) bolt for three seconds with a hexagonal socket (40mm in overall length) attached.
Image of WH18DC in use

Triple LED Lights for Superior Visibility

Three LED lights illuminate a wide area without shadows getting in the way.

Three LED lights
Three LED lights illuminate a wide area

5 Tightening Modes for Various Applications

Switchable to 5 modes.

Works Well at Low Speeds

Both cordless impact drivers stay running at low speeds and are suitable for delicate work.

Highly Responsive Trigger Switch

 Along with a low minimum speed of 100RPM, the trigger with less play in it than a conventional one is more responsive and easier to control.

IP56 Dust and Water Resistant*

Thanks to the unique design of dust-protective cooling windows and fully plastic coating on some important inner parts, this product conforms to IP56 protection class ratings (dust and water resistance) for electrical equipment as stipulated by the international IEC regulations.

  • The equipment has been designed to withstand the effects of dust and water, but there is no guarantee that it will not malfunction. Do not use or leave the equipment in locations where it is subject to excessive amounts of dust, or in locations where it is submerged in water or subject to rainwater. (Only the main unit conforms to the IP56 protection class ratings when equipped with a battery.)

Runtime per Charge*


Work Ah Runtime per Charge
Wood Screws ø4.3 × 65mm
Wood screws into lauan without pilot holes
5.0Ah Approx. 760 Wood Screws per Charge
ø5.5 × 90mm
Wood screws into lauan without pilot holes
5.0Ah Approx. 460 Wood Screws per Charge
Machine Screws M8 × 16L 5.0Ah Approx. 4,200 Screws per Charge
  • The values are shown for reference purposes and may vary according to materials and conditions.


Capacity Small Screw 4 - 10mm
Ordinary Bolt 5 - 18mm
High Tension Bolt 5 - 14mm
Self Drilling Screw ⌀3.5 - ⌀6mm
Drive 6.35mm
Max. Tightening Torque*1 210Nm
Battery Voltage 18V
No Load Speed Soft Mode 0 - 900/min
Power Mode 0 - 3,400/min
Bolt Mode 0 - 2,900/min
Bolt Single Mode 0 - 2,900/min
Self Drilling Screw Mode 0 - 3,700/min
Impact Rate Soft Mode 0 - 1,900/min
Power Mode 0 - 4,000/min
Bolt Mode 0 - 4,000/min
Bolt Single Mode 0 - 4,000/min
Self Drilling Screw Mode 0 - 2,100/min
Overall Head Length 114mm
Weight*2 1.6kg (with BSL36A18 / BSL1850MA)
1.9kg (with BSL36B18)*3
Standard Accessories*4 2 Batteries (BSL36A18 / BSL1850MA), Charger (UC18YSL3), Hook, Battery Cover, Carrying Case
  1. When tightening an M16 high-tension bolt (Grade 10.9) for three seconds with a socket adapter and a hexagon socket (40mm in overall length) attached.
  2. Weight: according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  3. Sold separately.
  4. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
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