18V Cordless Work Light


Compact, Lightweight, and Easy to Use in Small Spaces


Up to 2,000lm / IP54 Dust and Water Resistant

Brightness Adjustable from 350lm to 2,000lm

  • Brightness Adjustment Dial

    Image of use at 2,000lm

Angle Adjustable


360° angle adjustment.


Hanging Hook*


Image of hook use.
  • Ensure the unit is securely hung.


Remaining Battery Indicator

LED indicating battery level

The onboard battery indicator light displays the remaining charge.

Indicator Light Battery Charge Remaining
Over 80%
60% - 80%
40% - 60%
20% - 40%
Below 20%
  • Depending on the battery condition and operating environment, the actual remaining battery charge may not match what is displayed on the remaining battery indicator.

Continuous Runtime per Charge*


18V Battery Continuous Runtime per Charge*
Min. Brightness350lm Max. Brightness2,000lm
3.0Ah Approx.19h Approx.3.2h
5.0Ah Approx.32h Approx.5.5h
8.0Ah Approx.51h Approx.9.0h
  • Runtime per charge may vary according to types of batteries and operating conditions.

Dust and Water Resistant IP54


The UB18DB is IP54-compliant respectively under the following conditions.

When the battery cover is closed.

The dust and water resistant products are designed to withstand the effects of dust and water, but there is no guarantee that they will not malfunction. Do not use or leave them in locations where they are subjected to excessive amounts of dusts, submerged in water, or subjected to rainwater. (Only the main units conform to each protection class rating when equipped with batteries.)


Battery Voltage 18V
LED (White) 1pc.
Brightness Adjustment Range 350 - 2,000lm
Weight 1.2kg (Without Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 163 x 142 x 209mm
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