10.8 V Cordless Cleaner



  • Dust scraper blades to keep the pre-filter clean
  • Easy and quick dust disposal with dust case
  • Push-button switch panel
  • Optional cassette Lithium-ion batteries


Three Suction Modes

  • Switch Panel
    The suction power can be switched between 3 modes: 3 HIGH, 2 MID and 1 LOW.

    Indicator Lamp
    When the battery supply is low during operation of the appliance, the indicator lamp will light up.

Pre-filter Cleaning System

Built-in dust removal blades scrape off the dust accumulated on the pre-filter. This makes the pre-filter cleaning process more hygienic.

Easy and Quick Dust Disposal
The dust case is designed for easy dust removal and eliminates the need for disposable bags for dirt collection.


  • for Better Vision while Vacuuming.


Battery Voltage


Dustcase Capacity


Continuous Operating Time



3 (High)

Approx. 25min.

2 (Mid)

Approx. 17min.

1 (Low)

Approx. 13min.

Suction Work Rate

3 (High)

Approx. 24W

2 (Mid)

Approx. 18W

1 (Low)

Approx. 10W

Overall Length

453mm (17-29/32") with BCL1015


1.0kg (2.2lbs.) with BCL1015

Standard Accessories

Battery & Charger (BSL1830 & UC18YKSL or BSL1850 & UC18YFSL), Flooring Nozzle, Crevice Nozzle, Extension Pipe (with Nozzle Holder)

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